ThaliaBox Production Update & N95 Masks!

April 11, 2020 2 min read


It was an exhausting week at the Thalia Studio but I feel like we accomplished so much. I have attached a short video tour inside of our retooled factory. It is frenetic environment as we race to get these out to those in need. The team is inspired by the stories that are coming in from the front lines and the opportunity to offer some help.

We were able to ship out over 150 boxes this past week! We overcame many hurdles that were thrown at us... Like not being able to fit everything into the FEDEX trucks that kept coming to do pickups, which forced us to rent a UHAUL to help them out.

We have made a box map (repurposed our dealer map) that shows the cities and countries where these boxes were shipped to this week. You can see that detailed map here: 

In many cases, we shipped multiple boxes to each location but looking at the map really shows the impact of our combined efforts to support frontline medical workers. We can't thank each of our GoFundMe donors enough for ther generous donations that made this all possible! We expect to ship another several hundred boxes out this coming week!

But the requests from the front lines keep coming in... In fact, we have received far more requests than we have funds to support. Now that production is up to speed, we expect to exhaust the donated funds from our GoFundMe this week. My hope is that the seeding of these sponsored boxes out there will prompt the hospitals where these are headed to purchase more of them directly. And we are ramping up publicity efforts to see if we can raise more money to support the requests that keep coming in... We are also beginning to look for some corporate sponsorships so we can can continue to build and ship these boxes. If any of you can help us find some sponsors please let me know.

I am also pleased to report that our first inbound shipment of N95 masks arrived on Friday! They were immediately picked up and distributed to hospitals in need. We plan to greatly expand our importation of these masks now that our inbound supply channel is up and running! 

We are currently taking pre-orders for N95 Masks with a typical pre-order wait time of 2 weeks.  Doing so will enable us to scale the total quantity of masks that we import each week, so that we can make even more available to the hospitals that need them.

Our N95 Respirators are from a trusted partner who I have done business with for over 10 years.  These are made in an FDA registered factory in China and imported through proper channels including FDA inspection. 

These are not KN95s.  These are real N95 FFP2 masks. These masks come as a 5-PACK packed in mylar bags. One size fits all for adults.

We are receiving weekly shipments and so once we go out of stock, our website automatically converts to pre-orders.  Preorders will be shipped out in the order received.  The average lead time for preorders is approximately 2 weeks.



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