About Us

Thalia was created as the result of a father-daughter team who shared a passion for creating a more beautiful and personalized capo that could match a player’s guitar. After four years and over 70 prototypes, they finally brought the Thalia Capo to life.

In 2014, the Thalia Capo launched officially thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that garnered support from our 4,200 backers. As the brand continued to gain popularity, Thalia expanded its product line to include premium guitar accessories and lifestyle products such as wood guitar picks, guitar straps, pick pucks and more. Happy customers help spread the word through social media and over 12.5K five-star product reviews.

In 2022, the Thalia brand and its assets were acquired by Delmar Products, Inc., a family-owned business located in Connecticut. Although the founders are no longer involved in the company, Thalia remains committed to continue offering premium products to guitar lovers worldwide.