Guitar Makeover


Guitar Makeover

Send us your guitar and we'll give it a makeover.  Our in-house team of guitar experts can transform your guitar into something amazing. From cosmetic enhancements like exotic wood and shell pick guards and custom inlays to complex wiring mods and new pickups.  See video below for more details.  If you are instead looking for us to design custom parts that you will install yourself then look here.

We are offering just a handful of Guitar Makeovers during the month of August.  To secure your slot, please pay our fully-refundable $50 deposit.  After we receive your deposit we will reach out to you to learn more about your guitar and schedule a design consultation via Zoom. 


Makeover Design budgets can range from a minimum of $200 to $1,000+ depending on the options and the amount of labor required to execute the vision.

Here are some of our recent makeovers:

First up is my Gibson Ebony Les Paul Standard.  We tricked this baby out with a number of sweet custom upgrades, while retaining the core Gibson DNA and brand attributes.  We finished it off with a deluxe setup by Paul, our in-house guitar setup master. This thing now looks and plays like a dream.

Next up is my daughter Ella’s, Taylor GS-Mini Koa. In this case, we upgraded the headstock faceplate which was previously black paint with a pad printed logo.  It is now Santos Rosewood with an inlaid pearl logo.  Next, we inlaid pearl stars into the fretted neck of the guitar. We inlaid these overtop of the pre-existing pearl dots.

And finally, here is a custom upgrade on my Gibson SJ-200 1938 Reissue.  This guitar is 1 or 30 ever made and was given to me by my amazing wife on our 20th wedding anniversary.  The date of Sept 7, 1990 was the date that I first confessed my love to her and is also the day I married her six years later.  In this case, I inlaid that special date into the 19th fret.  This was to showcase that in some cases the customizations I am talking about could be minimal, but extremely meaningful and personal.

We can do most anything but here are some of the services we offer:

  • Deluxe Setup 
    • Includes: fret leveling, neck adjustments, intonation adjustments, new strings & buffing/polishing & fixing any minor wiring repairs
  • Cosmetic Cleanup
    • Scratches & Paint Chip Repair
    • Buckle Rash Removal
    • Remove dents from back of neck
  • Upgrading with Custom Exotic Wood & Shell Parts
    • New Custom Pick Guards, Truss Rod Covers, Toggle Washers, Knobs
    • Laser Etching on Metal Jack Plates, Tuning Pegs, Humbucker Covers, Saddles, Bridges
    • Inlaying existing parts like Knobs
    • Converting plastic parts to wood/shell
  • Wiring Mods & Customization
    • Hand wired components in a range of configurations
    • Swap out pickups, add push/pull pots, etc.
    • Add passive electronic features
    • Improve tone performance 

Once a budget has been agreed upon you will send in your guitar.  We can even send you a box if necessary to pack it up.  We will then makeover your guitar and schedule a Zoom "reveal" to show you all of the work that has been done prior to sending it back. Finally, we will send the guitar back to you and check in with you to make sure you are in love with it.

Subtle Designs

We can pull off subtle designs that fit the previous inlays into your fretboard, like this Taylor Diamond done in to the bridge.

Headstock Inlays

Here is a custom rose design that was inlayed with Vintage Pearl and Blue Abalone in the headstock of a handmade guitar.


Take a look at our most recent Guitar Makeover for one very satisfied customer!

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