Thalia Premium Guitar Accessories

From capos to straps, custom parts to magnesium slides, we make the best premium guitar accessories on the market.

Gibson by Thalia : Capos

We have a full line of Gibson licensed guitar capos that are perfect for your guitar.

Thalia : Best Guitar Brand Straps

We have the perfect guitar straps for you or anyone you know who is a fan of Gibson, Martin, or Taylor guitars.

Ultimate Guitar Player Gift Guide 2020

Want to gift someone one of our guitar products? This video gift guide makes it easy to give the perfect gift for your guitar player.

The Martin Collection by Thalia

We have a fully licensed line of Martin & Co. premium Italian leather guitar straps and phone cases.

Thalia : Best Phone Cases for Guitar Lovers

We have the perfect phone case for you or anyone you know who is a fan of Gibson, Martin, or Taylor guitars.

Thalia Premium Leather Belts

Our premium leather belts are inlayed with exotic wood and shell in a set of finishes that will completely match your style.

Taylor by Thalia Collection : Capos

Built to match your Taylor guitar, this is the perfect capo for any Taylor guitar fan.

The Best Guitar Accessories on the Planet

From capos to straps, truss rod covers to slides, phone cases and apparel, we have anything and everything a guitar player could want.

The Best Guitar Capo Ever

With a variety of exotic wood and shell inlays available, we make the best guitar capos with the widest range of design options.

Gibson by Thalia Collection

Shop the Gibson by Thalia Collection for fully licensed guitar accessories.

Gibson by Thalia Custom Parts

We have all the parts you need to turn your Gibson Les Paul, SG, or ES-335 into a one of a kind masterpiece.

The Best Guitar Capo on Earth

Thalia Capos makes the best guitar capos on Earth. Inlayed with exotic wood and shell, these works of art are functional and beautiful.

Thalia Guitar Makeover #2 : Diamond

Here is a breakdown of our second guitar makeover, including Taylor Diamond inlays and and Expression System Rings.

Thalia Guitar Makeover #1 : The Rose

Here is our rose inlay done into the headstock of a custom made guitar for our very first Guitar Makeover!

Thalia Magnesium Slides

Thalia Magnesium Slides are made via a collaboration with MagSlide, and include an exotic wood & shell inlay. We think you will love these slides as much as we do!

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