Designing a Better Covid-19 Protective Barrier Enclosure to Contain Aerosols

May 08, 2020 2 min read

Designing a Better Covid-19 Protective Barrier Enclosure to Contain Aerosols

There are many aerosol or intubation boxes out there now... In fact, the FDA just issued an Emergency Use Authorization or EUA for Protective Barrier Enclosures on May 1, 2020.  But they are certainly not all designed and built the same. Especially, if you care about aerosol containment and creating extra protection for frontline medical staff.

We have shipped more than 500 intubation boxes thus far and have made dozens of major improvements along the way with input from over 80 different doctors and nurses. Our Thalia Box 2.0 is designed to contain aerosols better than other boxes and has many additional features that were requested directly by frontline medical staff.

To see what we mean, let's see one of our new 2.0 boxes in action.

Here is how our box is used. It has been designed to fit on OR, ED and ICU beds. Our boxes are thermoformed and the size has been optimized for strength, so that it can support being wrapped in plastic wrap without falling apart.

Glad Cling Wrap is wrapped completely around the box covering all access ports. It is then placed over the head and neck of the patient, containing the generated aerosols inside of the box. As you can see a custom seal is created between the patient's neck/chest and the box, containing aerosols.

Our boxes are designed with an angled viewing window which allows medical staff to clearly see the patient while performing procedures without glare from overhead lights. Staff pierces arms through cling wrap barrier as necessary to access the patient.

A 7/8" vacuum port on the right side allows for easy removal of aerosols, while the cling wrap seal forms a custom seal around the patient.

A sealed third access port is located on the right side that can be used in case a third hand is needed from support staff.

Here is a demonstration using a humidifier and the Thalia Box 2.0 so that you can see how aerosols are contained within the box.

The Thalia Box 2.0 ships the same day if ordered before 4pm PST. Get yours at

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