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Expression Rings

Installation was super easy and they catch everyone’s eye.

Kaleidoscopic pick puck mini

Just received it today as always great quality product and so pretty too. 😍

Pearl Dove Truss Rod Cover Looks Like Factory Original

I purchased the Thalia pearl dove truss rod cover for my new PRS parlor acoustic guitar. It fit perfectly and looks like it was original from the factory. The pearl dove looks like a natural extension of the pearl inlay PRS bird fret markings.

The Best Customer Service

My original order for the pick pucks and the shamrock flask was somehow lost during shipping, however, I was lucky enough to have had your kind and professional support manager, Gareth Ewing, to help me with the lost order. In short, I received a replacement order in a timely fashion and I was extremely pleased with Gareth Ewinings' consideration and his the time he spent working on my order. The pick pucks are just awesome and the shamrock flask is beautiful. Its always a pleasure dealing with Thalia.
Pete Schultz

Capo kit service

I lost the rubber support part of Talia Capo, but when I sent you an e-mail, I was very impressed that you sent the capo kit to Korea, where it is overseas, for free. We will continue to promote Talia Capo. Thank you. Very good.

Beautiful Strap for Beautiful Guitar

I am quite pleased with the look and feel (and smell) of my Thalia Triquetra Engraved Italian Leather strap. The Koa engraving matches nicely with my Koa wood guitar. I am impressed by the quality and excellent feel of the strap and hope to use it for many many years.

Blue Abalone Pick Puck

Great solution for keeping picks close at hand.

Great little gadget with a really cool design

I love my new pick puck. Its design is a perfect match for an old 1980s Washburn electric guitar that I recently rescued and refinished. The pick puck was super-easy to attach to the guitar and is very convenient to use, and it allows me to keep my favourite pick with the guitar. It's a great little gadget with a really cool design.

Pick Puck and Capo Combo

I have never seen a pick puck until a friend showed me his. It is an incredible accessory for those who both finger pick and pick strum. I can switch seamlessly between the two playing styles by having the picks so accessible. Plus I am never fumbling for a replacement pick at the ready should I drop one.

I also purchased a Thalia capo as well. Hands down the best capo I’ve used over the years. Its design is both easy to use and functionally sleek so as to not be in the way of chording.

Lastly, both just look like jewelry on my guitar. I’ve received many compliments and have handed out the Thalia website to those who inquire.

Sapele | Capo
Greg J.
My first Thalia capo

Recently I purchased my first Thalia capo. I looked for the best deal I could because being my first one and the considerable difference in Canadian and US funds, I didn't want to gamble too much. I was very favorably surprised! There is nothing not to like about this capo. The fit, finish and function of this capo is absolutely first class. My Furch Yellow Deluxe has a neck radius of 15.75, and my Adamas is a 12, and with the interchangeable array of rubber string pads, this capo is perfect. I'd like my Thalia purchase to one to be a custom! Thanks from Newfoundland Canada.

Solid ring

Beautiful piece very true to size. Was looking for something small that would be durable and attractive this ring fit the bill.

Gorgeous pins !

These cocobolo pins are absolutely gorgeous and they even fit better than Taylors own ebony pins ! Can't beat that !!

Awesome Strap!!

This is a the 4th Thalia Italian leather strap that I have purchased! The best straps I have ever purchased! This soft Italian leather is exquisite and the underside is natural leather so it doesn’t slip on your shoulder when standing up. The Lucky dragon insert on this strap is spectacular! Love these straps!

Nice addition to my guitars

These bridge pins are a great finishing touch to my beautiful guitars. Wish Gibson used these instead of the plastic ones, they add so much to the look

Tree of life pick puck! 😍

Quality and aesthetically pleasing, having a pick puck on one of my go-to gig guitars has been a gamechanger! 3 different picks, 3 different tones for the Anthem. Dropped your pick? No volume loss, just grab another. 👍

Perfect Fit for my Taylor’s control panel

I have been having problems with keeping a pick close at hand. The solution was a Thalia “Just Wood” 2.0 Pick Puck. I wanted a pick holder for my Taylor 314 ce that would hold picks securely and blend with my guitar's finish. The all-wood mini was just the ticket. It fits perfectly on my Taylor control panel and blends into the finish holding Picks well within reach. I recommend this to any player who wants an outstanding pick holder.

One of the best Christmas gifts

I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it!

Guild truss rod covers

I saw a fellow guild player install these truss rod covers and they knocked me out. They are high quality with the Guild shield and fit perfectly. I can’t believe how much they dressed up the headstock of my d-55 and x-150!!
I will purchase another for my 12 string!!

Pearl Mandala - Another Beauty

A great addition to the collection. Pearl Mandala is a beauty with amazing detail.
True art and a great capo.

Warm, mellow tone and durable design for me

I use the Tri-Pick Shape Rosewood 2.0 picks because they mellow out the tone from my Martin CS D18 VTS SS. Also, because of the tri-shape, they are easy to grip and I can rotate between the three tips to extend the life.

Best Capo I’ve Ever Used

Sometimes I need a capo for my electric guitar. I tried 2 different ones. The first didn’t put enough pressure on the strings and resulted in dead strings. The second put too much pressure on the strings and resulted in my guitar having to be tuned every time I put it on.

However, the Thalia capo was perfect! It puts the perfect, even amount of pressure on the strings and is super easy to move around the fret board. I love it so much! The icing on the cake is how well the design blends in with my guitar! I can’t recommend these capos enough.

Blue Abalone | Capo
Richard M.
A beautiful gift to myself

I’m so thrilled and excited to have received this work of art. The thought that went into this capo and the ease of its playability is superb. Your craftsmen have out done themselves.


Fits perfectly, works perfectly and looks good. I think my Taylor looked great already but without a pick guard wanted to prevent damage. Perfect solution

Custom truss Cover

I love the craftsmanship that Thalia did on this Taylor guitar truss cover! This the 4th one they’ve made for different guitars. The fit is flawless and really adds a new dimension to the headstock. Makes me want to by more guitars!

Lovely things

These were a bit of an impulse buy as I was really after a new fretpad. But I'm glad I bought them as they look great and definitely lift my already lovely Taylor 812ce. I like the fact that they have an adhesive pad if you prefer something more permanent, but they hold on well if you choose not to use it.

I do feel they are a little expensive for what they are, hence four rather than five stars, but if you do buy them you'll be pleased you did.