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I hate capos- this changed that

I play lots of different guitar. 7.25, 9.5,12 radii. I’m extremely sensitive to pitch and when I put a capo on, the slightly sharp tuning kills me. I tried the capos you can adjust tension for and they always got so floppy. Thalia changed everything. I just set the pad for the guitar I’m using a capo on that gig. Even it I had to swap it real fast, would be no issue. Great product and the crimson fractal design is beautiful. Not heavy, but feels quality. I’ll never use another capo

Love the pickguard!

I'd been wanting to add a pickguard to my gs mini for a while, but a fear of commitment, plus playing occasional historic gigs where the look wouldn't be appropriate has always held me back. This is the perfect compromise, and it looks great too! Has held up much better than the pick-scratched side of my guitar. Taking it off is not as easy as they make it sound, but that's probably for the best, at least I'm not afraid of it flying off during a gig, and it does seem to get easier with a little practice. I love the idea that I can get more and change up the look whenever I want!


As soon as I opened my first package and felt this capo, I knew how well made it was ; so much so that I have bought 3 more !!! Will never use another capo again, my favorite has to be mother of pearl capo; it’s beautiful !

Sunrise Shell Truss Rod Cover

I am absolutely in love with this Truss Rod Cover. It matches perfectly with my Gibson Les Paul Axcess Bengal Burst.
The cover fits perfectly on my guitar and really catches your eye as a headstock accessory.
Thanks again Thalia for making such a great product. Kim

Another lovely pick puck

My most recent order was for a Koa pick puck for my collection, while the current one isn't quite as fancy, there's something to be said for the elegance of the wood, it doesn't really need shell or images to make it look good. As with the other pick pucks, they are great for keeping a pick or too to hand when playing and for storage, and the micro suction pads are magic, you would think the things attached with industrial safe super glue, but they can easily be removed and relocated - just make sure to follow the instructions when removing...

very unique look

That was my second wooden pickguard from Thalia for my Taylor guitars, because I don't like plastic. It's not cheap, but looks very unique and expansive in my opinion and in German stores are such pickguard not available.

Just what my TAYLOR GS Mini/Koa needed

With these new Koa truss rod cap and Eben/Koa bridge pins, my GS mini looks cuter than ever !
The Thalia capo is now my favorite one by far. Whether you place it from above or below, there is no need to adjust anythings. This one is better, prettier and more accurate than my own fingers. All my guitarist friends want one ! Good investment.
Fabrice (Valence, FRANCE)

Makes a Beautiful Guitar Even Better

The Thalia truss rod cover looks perfect on my Taylor 814ce DLX.
Does it make the guitar sound better? Of course not, but part of the beauty of these instruments is visual, and the cover matches the peg head inlay perfectly.

Lovely Capo

Having tried other capos in the past, I've found the Thalia ones work best for me, while they may be a little on the chunky side (To show off the designs, bigger is better), they are still easy to use and don't get in the way. The choice of inserts allow you to chose the best fit for the guitar, once you've matched insert to guitar, it's a simple case fitting the capo and playing, no messing around trying to get the best fit, eliminate buzz or retune. The only downside is I've ended up with three Thalia's to cover my 6, 12 and 8 string baritone rather than constantly swapping insert, but the advantage is you get to choose different designs to go with the different guitars (Left to Right in the image are the Dragon and Paua Heart Abalone and Dark side of the Pearl)

Just one more

If you have more than one guitar—and particularly if they have different neck radii—there's a strong argument beyond GAS (gear acquisition syndrome for those who don't suffer) for more than one Thalia capo. And if one of those guitars happens to be a Gibson or a Taylor, then a fret marker matching capo (when available) is tempting; not only do you match the fretboard radius without having to switch out the pads, you match the guitar. A little like finding the perfect strap is a much about look as function. As I have mentioned in other reviews, I strongly recommend the Octave Touch pads, as they seem to provide the best tuning no matter where on the fretboard you capo.

❤️Pick Puck 2.0, picked up 2

Love this innovative and beautiful Azure Seas Pick Puck. Say that 5Xs fast. Well done, well crafted, keep it up!


Made beautifully, fits perfectly, and adds a nice personal touch to my Gretsch Duo Jet. Excellent truss rod cover. Would buy again.

Purple Paua | Capo
Michael F.
The Color of KInns!

As is the case with all my Thalia capos, the purple paua works wonderfully. And the Color of Kings is beautiful.

Save the Bees Pick Puck

I absolutely love my save the bees pick puck! I get so many compliments on it!

Honu Pick Puck 2.0

Works perfect, I use it on a doubleneck Emerald Chimaera right in between the two necks where I have two picks kept 180 degrees from each other. I alternate between fingerpicking and using a pick.

They Work as Great as They Look!!!

I have capos from 6 other manufacturers that I might as well give away. Got my first Thalia 3 years ago. Couldn't wait to get my next Thalia! Decided on the Purple Paula and black finish in honor of the wife (her favorite colors). And the Thalia is the only capo I'll use on my prized Taylor 814.

Oh Canada

Originally from Alberta, was easy to decide which pick puck to choose. I especially like that I can place my Thalia capo on it. Love all things Thalia.

Purple Paua | Capo
Jean-Marc G.
Purple Paua Capo

I'm really happy with my Purple Paua Capo really easy to use. I recommand
thalia capo do had a nice look to my Martin D-35

Cool dragon-themed capo

Now that I am getting more used to the Thalia capos, I really like this beautiful dragon-themed artwork on the capo I purchased. For me dragon's have a lucky and mystical essence or energy.

The only capo I can trust on stage

I have been consistently blown away with the quality and craftsmanship of these Thalia Capos products. The design work and overall durability are second to none. I will not allow any other capo to touch my guitars, especially on stage where so many others have given me the wrong kind of buzz.

Purple Paua Caop

Great value for money. I love the care and the attention to details that go into the making, packaging, and delivering the product in its pristine state.

Beautiful Addition!

I bought the Koa and Ebony pins to replace the plastic pins on my Taylor GS Mini E-Koa Plus. These pins are beautiful and really match the guitar.

I always replace the pins on my acoustic guitars. I generally buy the Martin inlayed pins but decided to go with Thalia because I wanted Koa and Ebony to match the guitar. The Thalia pin inlays are slightly bigger and that is a plus! I actually like them better than the Martin Custom Inlayed pins.

I did have to do some sanding with a Dremel to get them to fit as they were a larger diameter than the stock pins. I used a micrometer to measure the stock pins and then simply sanded the Thalia pins to the same dimensions. This took me about 45 minutes to do, and while laborious, it was worth it to see the result. I have had zero issues so far. I debated taking a star off due to this, however, I gave Thalia the benefit of the doubt because I own alot of their products and have been happy with every one of them.

Purple Paua | Capo
I am the best fan of Thalia_Capo in Japan

I go live every weekend. I enjoy changing the capo depending on the mood at that time.

Give you easy access to picks!

I love my pick pucks! they hold my picks securely and look amazing. The designs are unique and high quality. They don’t leave any residue on my guitars or desk and add a touch of class to my music making.


A rare colour for a I thought to take advantage this one time with a puck and a capo.