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Celtic Pick Tin

The Celtic Pick Tin is a great way of storing picks and it looks fantastic as well. I mostly play without a pick but wanted a convenient way to display and carry guitar picks. This did the trick. I would reccomend the Celtic Pick Tin. Note: it comes in a natural wood condition without polyurethane or orther finish so I finished mine with a hand rubbed polyurethane to avoid it getting dirty.

Lucky Dragon Capo (Such an amazing artwork)

The Lucky Dragon Capo is such an amazing gift for myself (perfect gift as a father's day gift).

I am not just thrilled by the masterpiece artwork of the Capos but also amazed of the innovative idea what Thalia have implemented on their capos.

In very short time, I will be looking a "companion" to my Dragon capos, very likely will be the "peacock".

More than happy to be a life time customer of Thalia.


One more capo and I will be a collector.

The blue abalone capo is very striking in appearance. In bright lights, greens, reds, and blues show up.

Gibson Truss Rod Cover

I purchased a truss rod cover (Gibson style) and a capo in the same order, and left a few thoughts of the cover purchase in my review of the capo, however felt it would be best to specifically note it here. I wanted to "pretty up" my Gibson J-29, which just had the standard (cheap) looking black truss rod cover. I checked around for options and nothing appeared to come close to the quality that Thalia offered. That was confirmed when I got it. It was stunning, fit perfectly, and honestly made such a difference to the look of my guitar. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more of these.

Great fit and beautifully made!

Perfect fit for my Taylor. Adds a nice little custom touch and supports a good cause! Looks beautiful on the guitar and really makes it stand out from my others!

Perfect match for my Taylor

This is my first capo. I favor DADGAD tuning and a capo is the easiest way to match my wife's voice. The ebony, mahogany, and black chrome are a perfect match for my Taylor, and the instructions and accessories allowed an exact fit to the neck within minutes of unboxing.

I had to have this bird inlay for my PRS 7 string guitar.

This capo is perfect for PRS fretboards. I can’t believe it doesn’t come with the guitar.
I think capos are the best accessory for guitar players to make the most of finger’s muscle memory. The same riff on a different fret is a different sounding riff.

Everyone needs at least a few Thalia capos!

I got this one to support my friends and family who are being themselves. It’s a colorful capo that has all the goodness of a pearl inlay under it. A must have!

Looks Absolutely Gorgeous! Plays Even Better!

This is my first Thalia capo, and it did not disappoint. I was hesitant to pay so much for a capo, an item I usually buy for under $20. However, the beauty of these guys finally won me over, and I took the plunge. I wasn't sorry I did.

The beautiful green shell inlay really pops against the gold coloring, and it looks even nicer than the photos on the website. Better yet, it works wonderfully. The design is different from my normal capos, which also made me hesitate on placing an order. However, I've found I vastly prefer this design to the styles I've used before. So far, I've only played with the default pad, but I can't wait to dig into the included alternatives. Overall, I'd say this purchase was well worth the price.

If you're wavering on whether or not to place an order, do yourself a favor, and press that checkout button. You won't regret it.

Thalia African Zebrawood Capo

I love it, best capo, by far that I have ever had. Everyone that sees it go on and on about how pretty it is and rave on even more when they use it. My Rickenbacker 360-12 sounds so good, no retuning, stays true.

Great Capos

This is my third Thalia capo. I was a part of the original Kickstarter and have used my capos quite a bit over the past years. I have also gifted wood picks and pick tins to musical friends. I purchased this particular capo to use with my Taylor 362ce 12-string. Beautiful guitar and now a matching capo!

Blue Abalone | Capo
Gregory Tschirhart
I Love Bologna, I mean Blue Abalone

Well, bologna is not that great, but I absolutely love my Blue Abalone Capo. It's like falling in love with my wife with blue eyes. You can't stop looking at them. Excellent workmanship, you can't ask for a better Capo. Perfect fit with all different types of guitars.
Thank You Chris, Thalia & Team 🤓

Save the Bees PRS Truss Rod Cover

I had carefully file about a millimetre of the bottom, to get it to line up with the screw hole. But after I did that it fit perfectly.
Looks great 👍

Absolutely Incredible

I had to leave a review on my Thalia order. I purchased an Indian Rosewood capo and a rosewood truss rod cover (Gibson style with abalone inlay). Both were beyond my expectation. While I guess I should have expected it, as described on the site, the capo came with all kinds of different fretpads that can be quick changed on the capo to better accommodate different radius fretboards. As I have a number of different guitars - of varying radiuses - it's like having many custom capos! To be honest, I find the default pad that shipped with the capo to work well on any guitar I've tried yet, and so much better than any capo I've ever used. All strings firmly seat with consistent pressure across the fret. If you're hesitant about spending a little more on a Thalia capo than many other alternatives out there, don't. Not only does it look fantastic, it feels of incredible quality. The truss rod cover that I also ordered was a perfect fit and really prettied up my Gibson acoustic (as shown)!

Blue Abalone | Capo
Randy Foust
Could not be happier

First off, it took me awhile to take the plunge to buy this capo. With that said, I decided to do it and ordered the Blue Albalone in black chrome. Ordering was very simple and with 2 minutse after making my mind up on which to get, the order was done. Recieved prompt email with expected ship date Was looking at about 3 weeks!..but to my suprise, within 10 days it was shipped and within 14 days of ordering I had capo in hand.
All I can say is WOW!!! this thing is beautiful. However, beauty means nothing if not functional. But, it is as functional as it is beautiful. It goes on and off easily and it does not throw guitar out of tune at all. Packaging was wonderful and are given many different pads for other radius. I like this capo so much that I just ordered 2 more for some of my other guitars. Fantastic and great service

Taylor Engraved Diamond | Capo
Shane from Michigan
My second Thalia Capo. Get one for yourself!

How can you pass up a chance to get a capo that matches your fret board? Well, I couldn't. This is my second Thalia capo. I love it. Doesn't need re-tuning, just clip and go. I gave myself a treat with my Taylor 214ce DLX and I wanted my capo that matched. Beautiful. And it looks great with my Thalia truss rod cover, too!

Inexpensive way to dress up your Taylor

It looks fantastic! My 214ce DLX needed just... Something. And this was what she needed! I love it.

Santos Rosewood | Custom Capo
Mal Burrows
Great product 🤙but unhappy customisation 😕

Hi there,

I was so excited to see my Capo arrival today.

And it is an amazing product and works great, but for me, sadly the self service customisation has failed. I was disheartened to be unable to read the font is but it’s unreadable.

Like I said great design but missed on customisation 👎
I did receive the tin with wooden picks, ty 🙏

Guild script logo truss rod cover in ebony

Just wanted to say thanks for the great job on my truss rod cover for my Guild D4NT it looks great! I’ve always wished guild had put this type of cover on their guitars from the start but You folks at Thalia capos have Done a superb job. I will purchase more in the future for another one of my Guild instruments. Thanks again for the superb job!

Truss Rod cover on GSMini

This item looks and fit so well on GS Mini Taylor!


These inlaid truss rod covers are a lovely way to personalize your guitars! I have one on my Taylor, my Epi Les Paul and will soon have on one my SG. Everything I have bought from Thalia has been top notch!

Perfect Guitar Bling!

I’ve never been a fan of the personalized inlaid fretboard, or the big showy personalized guitar strap. This truss rod cover was a perfect fit for my J-45 and a nice, understated way of putting my name on the guitar. Very pleased.

Black Ebony & Gibson Firebird Hawaiian Koa Inlaid Guitar | Phone Case
Chris YabsleyBell
Amazing Detail

Absolutely love the case, and I can't share enough of how pleased I am with the wood and detail. The only thing stopping me from 5 stars is that it could do with a little improvement of added protection, but honestly I wouldn't have chosen any other case. Highly recommend.

Hawaiian Koa & Pick Pile Engraving | Phone Case
Joseph J
Thalia phone cases are awesome!

This is my second Thalia phone case and I have loved them both. Previously I had the Taylor logo design and now the pick pile design. Both were beautifully engraved and inlays were nicely done. The Taylor case lasted a couple years and was still going strong, but I upgraded my phone and it no longer fit. I knew I wanted another Thalia case for my new phone. They look great and do an excellent job protecting your phone!

Match made in heaven

This is my first capo from Thalia. I’ve purchased a phone case previously. The Azure Seas limited edition is the perfect match for my Godin acoustic that I picked up last year. When I originally saw the Azure seas I knew it would look amazing and it does but it also performs wonderfully. It’s a great capo and the fact that it comes with different size pads for different guitars is terrific. I just love how it works and matches up as well. I wouldn’t find such a great piece that compliments my guitar anywhere else. Thanks for making them.