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Pick Puck

Love these pick pucks! Look great, handy and hold my Thalia capo perfectly!

Awesome product and just stunning stuff.

Really enjoy the product and quality. I have several capos and knew that this would be awesome as well.

Love the cover!!

The cover is AMAZING! Really well made! Not only is the Koa and Rosewood beautiful, the cover protects the phone well (I know... I dropped the phone the other day)
Buying this is a no brainer!

Beautiful, unique and stylish

Turns my guitars into one-of-a-kind guitars that's just uniquely mine. Great quality materials and perfect fit just as described.

Best Pics on the Market

I thought I would try Thalia's Standard Shape, Custom Santos Rosewood 2.0 Picks based on their description with the words warm tone catching my eye. They are 100% right. These pics have a genuine warm tone and a great feel each time you play them. Although mine are still relatively new you can tell the pics are starting to develop a beveled edge from playing. This continues to improve the feel and the tone seems to get better. They are very similar to the shape pics that I normally use, therefore the immediate reaction for feel was seamless. Not only do these pics shine in performance, Their support personnel really bent over backwards to help me with some graphics that I wanted on one set on pics. Basically all the graphics would not fit on the pic and their team worked with the graphics and provided me the best solution to display the graphics that I wanted. They didn't have to do this but they did in a efficient way to provide me a quick solution. Thaila products shine from their quality and exceptional support they provide their customers. These pics really mark the exceptional quality that is also represented in other product they provide. Thank You Thalia Team

Moon phases on Moon inlays

When the new moon phases strap came out I had to have it! A truly great match to my favorite guitar...'92 Custom 24 with moon inlays! This strap looks great and feels great!

Pick Pucks

I love these. I have 2 right now and 2 more on the way. What a great idea to go with my picks. The convenience of it and not sticking a pick between my strings. A home run.

Irish bouzouki

I use the Thalia Rosewood mostly for my Irish bouzouki. With this pick the bouzouki sounds just a little bit softer and that is what want!

Very pleased

First off, I was extremely impressed with the communication I received about my order and felt not at all concerned about a little delay in today’s trying times regarding shipping because I felt informed the whole way. My slide was so much lighter than I expected, and beautiful to behold (although as an owner of one or your Capos, I already expected a near work of art), I immediately found myself smiling at the sweetness of the tone and just how clean it felt to use; seamless and easy. I highly suspect this will not be my last purchase either, as I think I want one for my standard acoustic as well as my resonator case.

Smooth moves and good looking

The tin is nice and the picks give a smooth sweet sound and oh so good looking.

Excellent product

Love my new thruss Rod Cover. And the attention to detail Thalia Capos uses in its production. Will not use another guitar without those details.

iphone case

Very satisfied with the looks. Many positive comments from friends.
Haven’t dropped the iPhone yet so I’m not sure how well it will protect the iPhone from cracking the glass.

Hawaiian Koa & Pearl Bee Inlay, Italian Leather Strap

Very comfortable strap.. the pearl bee Inlay is awesome!

A sublime melding of form and function

Shortly after my wife gave me a Gibson Les Paul guitar I decided I needed to enhance my Les Paul paraphernalia beyond just a t-shirt. The Gibson Les Paul iPhone case from Thalia Capos was a perfect addition.

The case is surely a thing of beauty. The Gibson logo in pearl that matches the fret markers on the guitar is set against the rich and appealing grain of Koa wood. The Les Paul script is etched in black into the wood and contrasts perfectly against the pearl of the Gibson logo.

Aside from the attractiveness of the case, its functionality cannot be denied. I have dropped the phone a couple of times with no damage.

If you want your iPhone case to be something more than just a protective covering, Thalia Capos cases are a worthy investment.

Vintage Les Paul by Epiphone with Custom Thalia Pick Guard

I was impressed with the quality workmanship of this pick guard. Custom manufactured for this specific instrument. The colors and fantastic materials fit perfectly adding greatly to its beauty.

Taylor truss rod cover

Your Truss rod cover was the perfect added touch for my Taylor. This small addition to an already beautifully designed guitar gives it a unique character that sets it apart from the other models.

Taylor truss rod cover ebony

This is very nice adds a little touch of class to my 12 string Cate. Replaces the plastic one that comes on the guitar . Thank you for a beautiful product.

So cool / I bought two!

I ordered my first ring and loved the look, although it was a little large for the intended pinkie finger.
It just happened to fit my son’s ring finger, so I ordered another one in a smaller size - and now we have matching rings!

Perfect look with Ebony bridge

The inlay was just the piece missing to compliment the Ebony bridge on my Orangewood Sage Mahogany. Im not sure if it made a difference in tone cause my guitar came with Ebony pins as well.


I've had the Ebony picks (0.9mm) long enough to have used them on all my guitars - acoustic and electric; 6 and 12 string - and I like 'em. They flex enough to give you a shimmering glissando, are firm enough to thunk out a palm mute and yet not so stiff they feel stuck on the string. A pick's job is to set the string in motion . . . the Ebony 2.0 does it wicked good.

John Stancik

Beautiful looking and amazing sound

I ordered 2 capos since a friend recommended me this capos highly. My orders arrived and I’m not disappointed. It just too more time than anticipated but I received frequent email with explanations and follow ups. The quality of Capos is very good and in the kit there are several rubbers for several options. I am happy, I can use the same capo in my different guitars. Very happy with it :).

Nice warm sound

I have to say that I really like the ebony picks, man in the moon. The sound they produce is, to my ears, warmer than what I get from a typical pic. I've tried lots of styles, plastic, hard, metal, thins, mediums etc. I just really think the sound from the ebony, which is a little sitter than a typical medium, is warm and great for my style of playing. I play every day, and I'm gigging live usually twice a week.
I play a wide variety of music and do a lot of flat picking and lead playing - more bluesy than speed metal... I play a Gibson Les Paul, Taylor 314ce, 335 and Strat mostly. I would highly recommend the ebony picks for the tone, and the picks and tin they came with gets lots admiring glances. Very artistic and usable.

These pins add a subtle continuity of pearl white from headstock through to the bridge of my guitar.

The pins fit perfectly, with grooves to hold the strings in place. I haven't had a string loosen or slip out since they were installed. And they look great!

Great capo

Excellent craftmanship, design and quality. The capo not just look good, it sounds better than any other capo I have used. The sound quality can clearly be heard when I compare it to other capo that I have. I guess it's because of tension of capo that is distributed evenly and the capo material that contacts with the strings.

It's a beauty mate!

I got two capos....the Curly Hawaiian Koa (Tennesse Bourbon finish I believe) in chrome and a B-stock ebony in black chrome......both are such beauts! BTW...I still don't know why the Ebony is a b-stock!! :-) And I actually gifted the Koa capo to a musician friend of mine as a farewell gift as he recently relocated.....and he is very happy with it too! They look cool on my Fenders and I've added the Aussie flag so people can see you've made it all the way here. Oh, btw, they arrived in a much shorter time than expected. Well done to the Thalia team.