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A Delicious Surprise!!!

I was TRULY impressed with the beautiful supple leather of this strap. Buttery soft and the delicate iridescent Mandala Inlay is enchanting! You will NOT be disappointed with this beautiful work of art!

Kash $$$

This is my 4th capo form Thalia, all used for different guitars. Everyone is an excellent creation by this company, not one issue over 4 years.

Truss Rod Covered

It’s perfect. Would be even better if they offered new screws, but I had some, so it worked out. The old screws were black and moon phases look better with silver, like the stars.

Beautiful Bee

Love the save the bees truss rod cover but would love to have the matching pickquard.

guild t2 truss rod cover

well made and snappy visual presence
thank you

Pearl Dove Inlay | Italian Leather Strap

This is my third Thalia Italian Leather Strap. I bought the Pearl Dove Inlay to match the truss rod cover on my Taylor 614CE. These straps are works of art and are so comfortable.

Love it

Cross truss rod cover looks great!

It works well

It cost $15 Canadian for a 99¢ part, with shipping (4-6weeks!?). It seems like the kind of thing you could pop in the mail at lower cost and equal, or better, speed of delivery. The part works well and the instructions are clear.

Split Double Diamond Gibson Guitar Truss Rod Cover in Black Ebony

The truss rod cover is very nice. The inlays and wood are great. Looks very good on my J-185 rather than the factory blank Gibson truss rod cover that it came with.


Works with all my guitars

Another great product

The weight is amazingly light and the albalone ring is simply beautiful. The interior of the slide has a slight roughness that makes the grip so easy.

Single Fretpad


Excellent work quality and functionality.

Well made. Looks awesome. Bought for an acoustic custom I have on order, been using it on several others in mean-time (3 Yamaha(two six and one 12)), Takinine Jasmine, and Ibanez). All are well over 30 years old and very different neck geometry.

Using the fret-pad that came on it. Waiting for the high tension fret-pads, but currently does work w/Yamaha 12.

When the high-tension fret pads come in (out of stock) will order a small white pearl one for these and use the blue for the new guitar (electric blue Hummingbird) when it comes in.



Beautiful and Effective

This capo works on all my guitars! I’m in tune with band mates, and no fret buzz. Looks great too. Very afraid to loose it. lol

Best capo

This is the best capo you can buy!!!!

Great quality, super-soft leather

This beautiful guitar strap replaces the original on my 1958 Les Paul Jr. that I've had for almost 60 years. This is the most comfortable strap I've ever used on any guitar.

Love these capos

This my second one, and they both work great. I even bought one for a friend of mine, and he’s just as obsessed as I am.

Blue Abalone | Tungsten Carbide Ring 8mm

Truss rod cover/ shape T1

It’s absolutely beautiful on my Gibson SG, the ivory pops and is such a great match!

Blue Abalone/ Tungsten Carbide Ring

Absolutely love the ring! Super quality! I have many capos and guitar straps from Thalia and have always been very satisfied. Great job Thalia!

Quality with a capital Q

Ordered the Vintage Pearl Notation Deluxe Capo for my own personal use after seeing the quality in a Thalia capo I purchased as a gift. I couldn’t be happier, this is a quality capo that will last the rest of my life and something I’ll hand down to one of my kids. Love it!

Brazilian Black Cherry & Mother of Pearl Pickguard 2.0 | Taylor Custom Parts

Thalia Truss Covers…

Simple and subtle elegance to add to your guitar. I have them on my Taylors and Gibsons. The matching Expressions Rings for Taylors are great companion pieces.