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A Delicious Surprise!!!

I was TRULY impressed with the beautiful supple leather of this strap. Buttery soft and the delicate iridescent Mandala Inlay is enchanting! You will NOT be disappointed with this beautiful work of art!

Taylor Truss Rod Cover

Looks great! Fits to perfection! Put this on my Taylor 17AD.

Custom Truss Rod Cover | Shape T12 - Fits Many PRS Guitars

A nice touch.

I replaced the plastic pins that the builder used. They look so good and match the abalone inlay of the builders headstock logo.

Beautiful capo

Works like a dream on my fan fret. I use it on all six strings but also on the top 5 on fret 2 to give a drop tuning.

We love our new Thalia wedding bands!

Bought these for me and the wife so we could have matching bands. We both really like them a lot. Mine especially catches the light and shimmers and shines nicely. I don't wear it all the time though because I'm not too sure on the abalone shells strength. I still wear my original 18 year old titanium band to work everyday but this band is now my weekend band.

Stained glass capo

Beautiful capo to play hymns and worship songs with. I bought a few extra inserts with my neck radius and have customized two of them. One is now for drop D and the other is for DADGAD. It’s easy to quickly change them out when I want to play in an alternate tuning without adjusting the
strings. Will probably buy the cross one soon.

Perfect fit, looks fantastic

The checkered pattern looks fantastic on my modern blue Tele. Really gives it personality, for lack of a better word. The smaller checker boxes are eye-catching, more so than the larger box designs I’ve seen before. Would recommend 100%.

20” Radius Kit is perfect for my Strandberg

Why compromise using a generic style capo, when Thalia has pads that match your guitar’s radius? My thalia 20” kit is perfect for my Strandberg. It provides the right amount of pressure on the strings; and my guitar stays in tune.

Diggin' the Truss Rod Cover

I was getting my old 1965 Gibson EB-0 bass up and running again and I needed a truss rod cover that would not only serve it's obvious purpose but also to have a little bit of style. Thalia's truss rod cover is beautiful, and the cross on this thing completely gives this a complete Stoner Doom/Tony Iommi vibe! It's perfect!

Sapele | Capo
William S.
Capo product

The capo looks great and exactly as the photo on website, the purchase experience was great and smooth, product received in good condition.

Two sides of the story

In my "Go with the flow, and enjoy the ride" move, I love the pickguard, the classic checkerboard pattern, and the overall look and vibe it creates.

In my OCD mode, the pattern flaws can start to drive me nuts.

When that happens, I stop looking, and just play.

All is good then

Bridge pins

Look great on my mahogany Martin and Taylor. The color is perfect and they show up well against the brown wood.

Jam Davidson

I like this pick because it makes my acoustic cut through the mix. My guitar has more volume and my band mates aren’t asking me to turn up anymore.

Great value!

Beautifully crafted rings and worth every penny.

Custom Truss Rod Cover | Shape T2 - Fits Most Guild Guitars

Pearl waves deluxe capo for my 8 string

I have a Taylor 8 string baritone that has two octave pairs and I needed a capo that would handle the side by side strings of different diameters and this Capo with the special pads works wonderfully. For some reason and I probably should experiment with it more it seems to work better when I attach it downward from the top of the neck rather than upward from the high E string side

Octopus Pick Tin
james s.
Octopus pick tin

Love it! Great design, nice threaded top.
Recommend it highly.

Thalia capos, or a work of art

I love these capos they’re gorgeous and they work real well.

Beautiful and functional

You don’t buy the Thalia just because it is a good capo - which it is, by the way. The design, quality and craftsmanship are exquisite too. Enjoy the aesthetics of your gear as much as you do the aesthetics of your playing - Thalia is THE perfect choice.

Second Thalia Capo

Best capo's I've ever used, never have to retune my acoustics when I use Thalia Capo's...

new pickguard looks great, easy to install

The new pickguard looks great and was easy to install. I hope that it protects my Taylor.

Great pins!!!

Really give my 114CE a polished look. Very happy with them.

Beautiful and exceptional

This capo is impressive from the moment you unbox it. It comes with inserts to accommodate any guitar neck radius. It’s tight, but not so overwhelming that it will grind your feet wires. I’ve already gotten many compliments on how beautiful it is! I’ve got another guitar done in Koa wood. I may need another Thalia in Koa!