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Tougher than I thought.

I bought this ring because I needed a new wedding band. I liked it because it matches the inlay on my Martin guitar. I tried to order the right size but the ring that came was the wrong one and too big. Thalia promptly sent the right one and a size smaller. My wife liked it so much I ordered her one. I am rough on jewelry but it seems to be holding up very well.

Thalia Capos are Jewelry for my guitar!

I love my capo!! The side etching makes it so unique and beautiful from all perspectives!! Thalia Capos are definitely jewelry for your guitar!!

African Zebrawood | Capo
Yolanda Cairo Raftice
Beautiful! African Zebrawood Capo

I purchased the African Zebrawood Capo as a birthday gift for my husband. He absolutely loves it and it looks amazing on his guitar. He loves it! And so do I!

Perfect capo specialty tuning kit for guitars with 20” neck radius

I have two Recording King acoustic guitars with 20” fretboard radius. This kit fit the Thalia capo I have . Now, I can capo both guitars and they stay perfectly in tune with no string buzz. Great kit and great engineering for a superior result.

Love my Pick Puck!

I like to use my fingers and a pick. The pick puck is the perfect solution for having my pick ready for me whenever I need it! Thanks Thalia!!

Hawks vs. Doves

My plan for the Rosewood & Dove MOP Capo was simple.
I’ve paired it with my Jay Tursner JT-Hawk12.
This affordable beauty has a Rosewood Fingerboard so the match was a no-brainer. The little Dove is safe, cuz this Hawk is sweet as can be.

Banjo Pin
Regan Dreher
Great Item!! High Quality and Great Purchase!!

Thee banjo pin is truly awesome!! I have got great compliments on it!! I wear it on my favorite ball cap and people ask me where I got it!! I told them that as a musician or a fan of music, they need to get aquainted with THALIA CAPOS!! This is bluegrass country, and I am sooo proud to share it with everyone!!

A beautiful ring at a great price!

I bought two Blue Abalone Tungsten Carbide rings, an 8mm for me and a 4mm for my wife, and it was a purchase that I regard with delight and satisfaction whenever I see it on my finger. The beauty of the blue abalone set against the 24K gold plating is so eye-catching that I have received inquiries about it. The heft and density of the rings is very satisfying and belies the modest price. I previously purchased a Gibson Les Paul iPhone case from Thalia that is as beautiful as it is functional. (See my review here: ). Thalia continues to supply magnificent products.

Every Les Paul deserves a name!

To celebrate my first Les Paul I just had to make a slight modification to make it my own :) Chose the name "Rockford" from the TV show The Rockford Files, classic 70's

Absolutely Love the Pick Puck!

I love the pick puck, the design concept, and the engraving! Loved it enough to actually buy two of them. The only reason why I gave it four stars instead of five, however, is one of my pucks does not hold a Fender Medium pick well on certain sides of the puck (it tends to fall out). But the fix is simple enough to rotate the puck to a position where I can easily place the pick where it holds tightly without falling out.

Perfect for my Bourgeois

The 14” radius kit is a perfect match for my Bourgeois guitar. And with the other pads that come standard with the Capo it works great with my Taylor as well.

AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa & Pearl Bee & Honeycomb Inlay

This custom strap absolutely exceeded expectations. The Italian leather is very comfortable on the shoulder. The Koa wood, Pearl Bee & Honeycomb are a piece of art and pleasing to the eye. I was so satisfied I bought an Abalone strap for another guitar. Buy one of Thalia's straps you will never regret it.

Ebony Hummingbird Truss Rod Cover

Great craftsmanship and a wonderfully understated addition to my Rosewood Hummingbird Studio

Texas Flag Capo

This is, hands down, the best capo I've ever used. It is easier to use and easier to set up than any other functioning capo I've ever seen. I highly recommend getting one for yourself and seeing the difference a quality capo makes in playability and sound.

You can't have mine--get your own

These capos are not for those who think capos are cheating or are somehow embarrassed by using them. But they're as functional as they are beautiful. A trigger style, with the trigger located at a more ergonomic angle, they come with fret pads to accommodate most common fretboard radiuses (including flat for classical guitars and ukuleles). Though not fully adjustable for tension, there's fret pads included for a higher tension (12 string acoustic) plus harder and a sort of natural finger squishiness style (octave touch), and also some three string partial options. I've had the best results with the octave touch pads.If you're planning on using one of these capos with various radiused guitars, it won't be terribly convenient switching pads (although you could buy one for each guitar--many lovely options!), and unlike a more traditional trigger capos, I don't find Thalia capos park well on the head stock. Nevertheless, a top-notch capo. Not sure? Periodically check out the B-stock section. My first one was a B-stock. Even if you can tell it's B-stock when you get it, you won't notice after a few years use.

Santos Rosewood | Capo
Shelley Haiken
The only capo that made my new Gibson sound good

I recently bought my first Gibson guitar (I typically play Martins). I love the guitar but because the radius of the neck was so thin, I couldn’t find a capo that made it sound good. Tried quite a few high end brands and none of them gave me the sound I was looking for. Someone suggested Thalia to me. I bought one and it is amazing. All the strings ring out sweet and clear. Thanks for making such a wonderful capo that is fully customizable to the neck of the guitar. And is beautiful (and matches the rosewood fretboard).

Piece of art

Was lucky enough to procure one of the Lucky Dragon limited edition Capos. I love it - a perfect combination of functionality, craftsmanship and design.

AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa & Pearl Bee & Honeycomb Inlay

Beautiful inlays, very nice craftsmanship, leather is soft yet supports very well even on my heavy Gibson Les Paul.

Inspiring you to be Creative

The Just Wood Pick Puck Integrated leather strap is perfect to add my personal touch and burned Montana Mountains into it, so I know it’s mine. Thank you Thalia Capos for providing something so Wonderful.

Gibson Crown | Capo
Saul Alejanro Guzmán Villalobos
Hice lo imposible

One day checking the web, I found Thalía Capos, an incredible product that I had to buy, excited I selected the products that I immediately loved, but they did not ship to Mexico, why not, I looked for thousands of options to be able to bring them to my door home, until a friend who lives in California, received them and brought them to me, it was a trip, but my guitar looks beautiful, even though it is a Taylor 100 series it looks like a more expensive one, please send to Mexico with some secure parcel.

Macassar Stripped Ebony Picks, Tin and Puck

Having a guitar with a Macassar Striped Ebony back made matching the wood for accessories, more difficult. That is, until Thalia came out with a Macassar Picks and the Tin. The Pick Puck was an extra that I never really expected. It is beautiful, too, and actually gets more discussion than all the others. Thalia's craftsmanship and work is just plain gorgeous! The puck is genius! And has the side benefit of making picks available wherever I want to put it (so as to be able to grab them to play). And the beautiful picks have the benefit of being useful for playing, as well. Note: I smoothed out the edges on the picks before using them to play much - as I like a little more of a rounded single edge than what came on delivery, which was a bit flat and edgy, at first.

Piece of home

I just picked up my first guitar and got the Texas Lone Star capo being a native Texan living in Canada now. Even time I put the capo on I am in awe of how nice it looks. The fact that it keeps everything in tune is a bonus

Best Capo Ever!!!

This capo is amazing. It’s not only stylish, but functions great. I love how you can just slide it on and it won’t buzz or really go out of tune after you take it off. It’s definitely worth every dollar! You won’t regret it!

Indian Rosewood & Pearl Cross Inlay | Italian Leather Strap
Frank Hurley
Leather Guitar strap Indian rosewood inlay

The leather is of fine quality, soft yet very durable. Length is adjustable to all guitar sizes and it connects securely to the guitar pins. The cross inlay is very attractive. I am very pleased with the design.

Blue Abalone | Pick Puck Mini
Jeff Purcell Purcell
Another great Thalia product

I prefer the mini Pick Puck as it takes less space on my guitar. The finish is a perfect match with my capo!