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‘Drop Dead’ Gorgeous

I recently purchased an Abalone Truss Rod cover for my PRS SE ‘Paul’s Guitar’. It’s stunning, & whilst it compliments the Abalone bird inlays on the neck perfectly, I’m sure it wold look equally beautiful on any of the PRS models. The quality is exquisite, service was wonderful and delivery to Australia much quicker than I expected.

Finally, the perfect strap!

I now have three leather Thalia guitar straps in different colors and insert designs. They are secure on all my acoustics including those with pickup jacks thanks to the choice of hole sizes available. They are as ridiculously soft as they are strong so they fit nicely within the case with the guitar. No slipping around when performing, either- these stay put! I own a lot of leather straps, including expensive custom made straps, but these Thalias are by far the most comfortable, secure and handsome of the bunch. Like the other Thalia products, this is a well-made product that won’t break the bank and I couldn’t be happier that they are back in stock.

My Lucky Dragon Trio Capo

I have a number of Thalia capos, all of which are beautiful and artful pieces! My favorite one is my gold Lucky Dragon Trio Limited Edition Capo (see attached photos), which is a stunning combination of art and function. I love its substance, glisten and shine!

Bill Elkins
Long Beach CA

Great conversation piece!

Want a light weight money clip that’s not cumbersome? This stylishly adorned Dragon Abalone money clip is a perfect conversation piece when you offer to pay for that next round with friends! It holds my credit card, license and bills. Why carry a bulky wallet when this is all you need for a night out.

Great little flask.

You say, a flask is a flask - true. But I get compliments on this one.

Starry Night capo a dreamy work of art

I have a handful of Thalia capos, and they are truly the best. They don’t pull any of my guitars out of tune, and they are made to fit each guitar radius perfectly for the ultimate tuning and tone. Being a huge fan of Van Gogh, I had to have this Starry Night capo as soon as I saw it. Beautiful capo, beautiful tone, beautiful design, beautiful product. These Thalia capos are my favorite guitar accessories. I’ve had many capos over the years, and Thalia is unmatched for beauty and tuning. Keep making them, because I’ll likely just keep buying them!

Mexican Greenheart Capo

I bought it to match the paua shell rosette on my new Taylor 724ce. It is a perfect combination! Have always loved Thalia capos since I bought their first prototype years ago. Their newest capos are the easiest to use yet!

Taylor GS mini upgrade

Wanted to personalize a gift. This beautiful truss rod cover is a upgraded addition to this GS mini. It is a perfect fit and really adds to the visual appeal of the Taylor mini.

Love my new capo

This is my second Thalia capo, so I was already familiar with the great quality; but this one is a little darker in color, and, I believe, matches my guitar better.
It also inspired me to learn a new song.
Thanks Thalia for a great product!

Just What I Needed

For some reason the stock pick guard on the new 724 CE really clashed in my mind. I think it's likely because I prefer darker colors. I was looking for the darkest wood that I could find and came across this. They were out of stock on the plane one so I grabbed the one with blue abalone. Ultimately, it isn't a perfect match on the inlay, but I still think it looks really good. This is exactly what I wanted and even if it wasn't, I can easily change it later because these are so simple to remove. Regardless, the quality of the product is shockingly good.

Trou manquant sur le manche Taylor GS mini ? en bas au milieu !!!

Je suis très heureuse de la nouvelle plaque Haniele sur ma guitare Taylor GS Mini mais j'ai dû couper 1 clou original pour rentrer dans le manche en bas au milieu. Il y avait 2 trous haut et bas sur le Thalia Truss Rod Cover et la Taylor GS Mini en a 3, un en haut et deux en bas !!! Donc le clou du bas était sur la tige en métal du manche. Mais tout va bien je suis arrivée à incruster le Truss Rod Cover correctement en créant un nouveau trou sur le manche au milieu !!! Je pense qu'il est important de le signifier. Bravo pour la conception de la plaque personnalisée :)


I put together a guitar out of Warmoth parts. Lovely guitar, but it needed some zazz. The plain black stock truss cover just wasn't cutting it. My new truss cover (PRS-T12) fits great and looks great without being too flashy. As a hobbyist beekeeper it also gives my guitar a matching personality. I'd definitely buy another if I had another guitar to put it on.

Save the bees truss cover!

I absolutely love it!!! I added it to my Taylor GS mini in Koa. The colors match pretty well. Very cool accent to the guitar. I also swapped out the tuning pegs to black instead of the chrome finish. Would love to get a matching capo if one becomes available ;) ;) if they go back into production or someone has one available, please feel free to hit me up! :D <3

AAA Koa Capo

I rarely believe any hype that seems to surround new gear. I have had issues with capos in the past not gripping different neck radii well (ie string buzz or puling strings out of tune) But I have to say these capos are the best I have ever used! and I've used a bunch. I love these capos and intend on switching over to them exclusively for each of my working guitars.

Blue Abalone Capo

The Thalia Blue Abalone Capo is a beautiful work of art that matches the Thalia Truss Rod cover I had previously purchased. Love the Fretboard tuning pad options which adapt to various neck radiuses and I can quickly change out to use on different guitars I own. Capo shown on my Taylor 814ce.

Great ring for when you want to still be married but dot want to mess up your original.

I am really enjoying this ring. It looks smart and is great value for money. I have the carbon fibre in it in particular.

Pommele Sapele Pickguard 2.0

Pictures are worth 1K words, so the saying goes. My Taylor GS Mini obviously benefits aesthetically from the upgrade. I thought the install would be tough but I followed the instructions on the Thalia site and it went perfect. Saved myself $75 (which is what the local guitar store would have charged me). Very satisfied with the quality of this pickguard.

Lone Star Truss Rod Cover

Love this truss rod cover. Great craftsmanship and a wonderful tribute to the Lone Star State. Highly recommended.

Love my Moon phases on pearl deluxe capo

This Baby is absolutely stunning and reliable!very steady,makes no extra unwanted frequency bothering,I’m glad I buy it!

Taylor & Thalia together

Very happy with my new Thalia pick puck. It looks terrific on my Taylor custom with Thalia pick guard and Thalia capo. Shows off the Thalia and Taylor picks nicely and makes them easy to get to. Pretty work makes a pretty guitar!

Not only for guitars

It works well for my mountain Dulicumer. I don’t have to worry where my pick have gone, this is my 3 one. The other two - 1 landed on another Dulcimer and one on my mandolin.

Taylor Guitar with Truss Rod Cover

Helps this old beat up guitar look a little brighter.

Brazilian Black Cherry | Pick Puck Mini

Awesome idea! The original big ones are pretty but the small ones are more decent. I love it!

Another great capo!!!

This is my second capo from Thalia and I couldn’t be happier! Functionally they never disappoint, incredibly high quality! And as always the design is absolutely gorgeous, and the light really brings out the colors. All in all, I’m beyond satisfied and can’t wait for the next one!

Looks great and very handy!

I love the designs and how convenient this is! Definitely worth it