The Best Guitar Accessories of 2022

January 02, 2022 8 min read

The Best Guitar Accessories of 2022

Looking for top quality guitar accessories to enhance your guitar playing experience?  Then you are in the right place. 

Thalia is a premium brand of guitar accessories that are universally revered and are sure to inspire you.


When it comes to straps, Thalia has you covered.  We make the world's most comfortable and beautiful guitar straps out of imported Italian leather, exotic wood and shell.  We have dozens of different designs available and guitar players are raving about the quality and comfort of Thalia Straps!

Standard and Oversized Tail Holes:

Our straps will fit any guitar, however to achieve a perfect fit we offer two different tail hole options: Standard and Oversized.

Standard holes will work on all guitars, however if you have an acoustic/electric guitar with an end-pin pickup jack, then we offer a tail piece with larger holes so that it will better fit your guitar.

What guitar players are saying about our straps:

Pride of Ownership

Everything you want in a guitar strap is here in this product - absolutely gorgeous koa/cross inlay; superb craftsmanship; super comfortable ultra soft Italian leather; and fully adjustable with no hard/plastic/metal parts to deface your favorite instrument

(shown here with my Parker Fly sporting - of course - a Thalia Capo).

All I can say is this strap defines the term "pride of ownership". Highly and heartily recommended

Perfection like everything Thalia carries

Currently I use a padded Franklin strap that cost $140. This one is so much better you cannot even compare. It's so soft, comfortable and durable. I cannot wait for the strap locks to come out to complete the look. Talk about upscale and beautiful. They really set the bar so high for guitar accessories. Nothing comes close.


Bee Guitar Strap

I ordered a black guitar strap with a Bee inlay. The strap is just the most gorgeous soft leather and the wood inlay sets it off so well. The quality is top class and I couldn't be happier with it.. I also love the fact that I could choose an oversized end pin hole! I am happy to thoroughly recommend this gorgeous strap and would give six stars if I could!


We made a name for ourselves as the greatest guitar capo company on earth.  The number one reason that guitar players love our capos is that we designed them to solve the single biggest problem that guitar players had with capos: tuning. 

Other capos require you to retune when you place the capo on the neck.  But the Thalia Capo is different.  We have patented technology that allows you to swap out a fretpad so that it will perfectly match the curvature of your specific guitar's fingerboard. 

This keeps your guitar in tune, and results in a simply superior capo experience.  Of course, our capos are also aesthetically more appealing that any other capo too. 

Tips for picking the perfect capo:

Many players like to match the color of the capo to the color of the tuning pegs on their guitars.  However, others prefer the capo to be black so that it blends into the fingerboard of their guitar.   The next part is the inlay.

We offer a range of wood and shell inlays.  Some people like to match the inlays found on their guitars.  So if you have abalone inlay then a similar abalone shell inlay would be a great choice.   

We also inlay our capos with inlays that mimic the fretmarkers in the fingerboards of your guitars.  For example, we sell a complete line of capos with all of the classic fretmarkers found on Gibson, Martin, Guild and Taylor guitars. 

Have a question?  Ask our customer service team for some advice.  You can chat directly on our website by clicking the chat icon in the lower right of your screen or by sending an email to

What guitar players are saying about our capos:


"Perfection at last! Five stars without hesitation. Every great thing I read about Thalia capos is true. I've been waiting for over 50 years for a capo that wouldn't require me to retune my guitar every time it's moved. My Martin sounds sweet capoed at any fret now. And as if that wasn't enough, it looks stunning! I'll NEVER go back to a generic capo again. Chris, your young daughter is a genius. Thank you!!!!"


If you have a Gibson, Taylor, Guild, PRS, Gretsch, or Epiphone guitar then you likely have a truss rod cover on your headstock.  Surprisingly, most truss rod covers even on super expensive guitars are made of plastic.  We make our truss rod covers out of exotic wood and carefully inlay each one with beautiful shell to make mini masterpieces. 

This is absolutely the best way to "pimp" your guitar without breaking the bank.  For $20 you can add a piece of beautiful craftsmanship to customize your headstock!

What guitar players are saying about our truss rod covers:

"First off, I just wanted to say that the good people at Thalia are a class act!! I can’t say enough about them and their service!! I ordered two truss rod covers for my Taylor guitars and was blown away when I received them. They are gorgeous!! They fit perfectly and in my opinion they enhance the look of my guitars. I ordered one solid wood in black ebony and one abalone on black ebony. Coupled with my matching Thalia abalone capo, its jaw dropping! I've since picked up a new Taylor GS Mini Koa and am awaiting the arrival of my 3rd truss rod cover. See for yourself, you will be blown away!!!!"



Do you use a slide?  If you do, I can assure you that you have never used one that you will love as much as the ones that we make out of the world's lightest structural metal: magnesium.

Our slides have an amazingly warm tone that guitar players love and they are so light that you can move around with lightning speed and precision.  Plus Thalia Slides are the most incredibly gorgeous slides ever made and include exotic wood and shell inlays like other Thalia products.

What guitar players are saying about our slides:

"I’ve tried them all over fifty years of bottleneck playing. From my first short length of copper pipe which was too soft and dragged on the strings to the neck of a wine bottle which I found clumsy and hard to manipulate. A 3/4” socket wrench was smooth but heavy, and the opening of a Robitussin bottle too small to fit my finger. This Thalia slide is a perfect size both in external circumference and internal design. It is lightweight and feels comfortable on the finger. It’s not too light to require any extra push and is smooth and polished to glide over the strings. And the inlay is beautiful to look at. Does it sound like I’m happy with this purchase? I’ll be retiring the rest of my collection and using the Thalia for my bottleneck playing from now on."

We make our picks out of exotic wood and have a patented pick technology that allows us to create the world's thinnest wood pick.  Why would you want a pick made of wood?  Well, it simply sounds better than a plastic pick.

If you've never used our picks before it's a great idea to try one of our samplers.

We have two types of samplers:  Shape Samplers and Exotic Wood Samplers

Our Shape Sampler has 4 different pick shapes and 2 different thicknesses.  Most guitar players love to experiment with the various shapes so this is a great choice. 

If you prefer standard shaped picks, then we would recommend trying one of our exotic wood samplers.  The sample packs come with 4 different species of wood picks in 2 different thicknesses. 

Because wood has different hardness levels, each of the different species will sound different.  So these are a great way to go if you want to see how the different types of wood sound, especially if you play acoustic.

What guitar players are saying about our picks:

"My first purchase from Thalia was a capo. It was gorgeous and blew away anything else I considered. The capo fit both my electric and acoustic guitar without any problems. The capo came with one of Thalia's wood picks. I loved the rich warm sound it produced and the overall feel compared to my plastic picks. I was so impressed that I ordered the Bubinga Tree of Life Pick Tin for myself, and a set of rosewood picks for both of my sons."


Guitar players love their guitars and have a special affinity for the brands that make them.  At Thalia we took our expertise in doing guitar inlay work and expanded that into making designer mobile phone cases from the greatest brands in guitar.  Do you play a Gibson, Martin, Taylor or Guild Guitar?  Then take your love of your guitar everywhere you go! 

Our cases are made of military-grade polycarbonate and are inlaid with gorgeous exotic woods such as Hawaiian Koa, Indian Rosewood and all of the other woods used to make fine guitars. 

Our pearl inlaid cases mimic the headstocks of your favorite guitars and simply look awesome.  We carry over 40 different models of phone cases to fit your phone.

What guitar players are saying about our phone cases:  

"After using this case for a good bit after my purchase, this one definitely holds up for someone pretty rough on them. I wouldn’t want to take it out in the rain for fear of ruining the wood, which I’m sure is treated! It’s just a great overall case that looks amazing and fits the phone perfectly! Kudos to you guys for teaming up with Gibson on this. The inlay quality is amazing in person. The pictures do it some justice, but the product itself is flawless!" 

Guitar players love exotic wood and shell more than the average person.  That is because these are the materials that are used to make their prized guitars.  Our expert craftsmen and inlay artists make some of the most beautiful rings you have ever seen. 

Our rings are made of Tungsten Cobalt (the most scratch resistant metal on earth) and are beautifully inlaid with either blue abalone shell or our AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa wood. We now also offer a Carbon Fibre inlaid ring.

We offer a full range of sizes for both men and women.

What guitar players are saying about our rings: 

"The basics, for Millennials:  Price: Local jewelry store quoted me $260.00 to make one!  Looks: 5/5 - Looks as good in person as it does on the website. The wood shimmers like Tiger Eye in the sunlight. Comfort: Perfect fit! True to size. Also, tungsten carbide specific heat is similar to that of gold (low), so the metal adapts to body temperature and doesn't feel cold on your hand.  Durability: After a month of wear at work and at home, the ring still looks like brand new.  Customer Service: "Thalia" should become the new word used to describe excellent customer service!

Narrative for Baby Boomers: I'm not much of a jewelry wearer, but when I saw this ring and realized how much it resembled one of my favorite guitars, I decided to grab it. Well, it does match my guitar beautifully, and it's comfortable and good looking in it's own right. It's also apparently very durable - I know that tungsten carbide is virtually indestructible, but I was concerned about the clear gloss over the wood. Have no fear - this ring is as tough as it is beautiful! I've been wearing it for about a month, and inevitably it's gotten knocked around a couple of times, and there is not a scratch on it. I'd like to find out what kind of finish they use on the wood and apply it to all of my furniture --- and my truck! My wife wants the 4mm version, so that and the matching capo will be my next purchase."

When it comes to T-Shirts & Hoodies we know what guitar players love.  Our Guitar Tree of Life T-Shirt is based on the Celtic Tree of Life.  It is an intricate representation that links every root below to every branch above, depicting the network of natural bonds that links all Life together through music. But to make it even more meaningful to guitar players we decided to make multiple versions of this design featuring five different types of guitars that are meaningful to different guitar players.

If you are a Thalia Brand Fan, we have a number of cool brand designs to choose from and we also have a New Typography Design that uses the names of the Greatest Fingerstyle Guitar Players of all time to create the design.  


There you have it!  8 of the best guitar accessories ever assembled in one place.  We have a 90-day money back guarantee and a brand that stands behind everything that we do.  So buy with confidence now and know that we are committed to your satisfaction.

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