Thalia Strap Locks Coming Soon!

August 05, 2019 1 min read

Thalia Strap Locks Coming Soon!

I have been thinking about strap locks for years and began development on a new strap lock about three years ago.  What I am about to show you is patent pending.

The problem that I have with existing strap locks is that they usually require you to replace the button on your guitar (and risk stripping out the screw hole? yes, I've done it...) and of course none of the solutions on the market are very elegant or attractive.  

So here is what we have designed. We have created a strap lock that will work with over 30 different stock and aftermarket buttons from all of the major guitar brands. No need to get out your screwdriver!  

And best of all our elegant solution is as beautiful as it is functional and sports fine finishes and inlays just like other Thalia products.  We even made sure that it would work perfectly on an acoustic with a endpin jack!  

These strap locks are not available for sale yet! We are currently raising money via a crowdfunding campaign so that we can bring these new locks to market.  Please help us by investing at

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