The Backstory on Our Launch into Truss Rod Covers

September 19, 2019 2 min read

The Backstory on Our Launch into Truss Rod Covers

I thought I would share a new product category that we just launched and the backstory of how these new products came to be.  First, I'm a strong believer in serendipity and in the belief that there are new opportunities everywhere.  You just have to look for them.  

So, here is the backstory on our recent launch into Exotic Wood Truss Rod Covers.  A couple of weeks back, I was noticing a fair bit of scrap wood building up from our booming phone case business.  Because different phones are different sizes, we wind up with some small strips of beautiful wood on the end of each sheet that we do not currently have a use for.  Now, we can use some of this material for slides and of course we have strap locks coming, but the material is building up and it is simply too good and beautiful to go to waste.  

Here is a photo of a sheet of Koa and Santos Rosewood with the small strips leftover.

So in looking for what we could do with these small strips of wood, we found a perfect opportunity in creating exotic wood truss rod covers.  For those of you who are not guitar players, the truss rod is a metal rod in the neck of a guitar that can be tightened or loosened to straighten the neck.  Not all guitars have truss rod covers on the headstock, but many do including Gibson, Gretsch, Taylor, PRS, Guild and many more. 

And on most of these guitars, the truss rod covers are made of plastic!!  Alas, a great opportunity to "Thaliaize".  So I jumped onto this idea and about 2 weeks after that inspired idea, we launched on our website with 5 different woods and 15 different designs.  How is that for quickturn product development?  

Here is a short video showing these new truss rod covers on my various guitars.  And you can find these on our website here.

This idea has also spawned several other new ideas, so stay tuned as we continue to find new uses for our talented team of inlay artists and continue on our trajectory of guitar accessory world domination!


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