The Story behind our grinders & whiskey flasks

We have been making premium guitar accessories for almost 7 years now! This includes the best guitar capos, straps, picks and half a dozen other items! 

We also started licensing brands from Gibson, Taylor, Martin and others and found a great market for branded merchandise.  As we looked to expand our licensing arm the big opportunity is obviously in Premium Artist Merch!

So we approached many of the top Artist Merch companies and showed them what we could do and told them about our ideas for upscaling the Merch business. They liked our phone cases, capos, picks and other items but what we kept hearing over and over again was... what their artists really wanted was quality grinders & whiskey flasks... 

Thalia + Artist Merch = Grinders & Flasks

LOL - OK, well this actually makes a lot of sense...  Artists are selling the Rock & Roll Lifestyle as much as they are their music...  So we took them up on the challenge and got to work... 

Thank you for your support!