Many variables contribute to the overall tone of your guitar including your choice of pick. Introducing Thalia Engineered Exotic Wood Guitar picks, the result of more than 2 years of R&D, focused on making a better sounding pick. Our picks are made by slicing microthin layers of exotic wood and then bonding them back together with the woodgrain in a crosshatch pattern. This crosshatch design allows us to make a solid wood pick that is as thin as a plastic pick but with the warmer and richer tone of wood.
Choose from 2-layer and 3-layer exotic wood picks that have different performance and tonal characteristics. Our 2-layer picks are thin, durable and flexible, while our 3-layer picks are thin, durable and stiff. We currently offer 3 different pick shapes including jazz, standard and tri-pick in Santos Rosewood so you are sure to find one that you will love. The thinness of our picks allows them to quickly wear smooth at the edge, becoming contoured to your picking style while eliminating the harsh string noise common with plastic picks. This creates smooth, warm, natural tone.
Get our 6-pick sampler pack today and try them all to find your perfect tone. All of our picks come in a magnetic closure booklet, which also make them the perfect gift. Available now at