All Hawaiian Koa products made by Thalia come with our Hawaiian Koa Reforestation Commitment.  $5 from the sale of each Capo or Phone Case goes directly towards planting and maintaining new Koa trees in Hawaii.

While all of the woods and shell on our site are sourced from ethical vendors who have sustainability policies in place, we want to go further.   For Hawaiian Koa we are taking a more active position by directly sourcing our wood in Hawaii, ensuring chain of custody of the salvaged logs.  These logs are then sliced into veneer per our specifications.  Next, we are actively involved in the planting and maintaining of new royal koa trees in Hawaii on the same islands where our wood originates.  This full circle approach ensures that we will be able to achieve our goal of being a significant participant in the reforestation of Hawaii while also producing 100 times more koa wood for the musical instrument industry than we consume over the next decade.