Lauren Weintraub

   Standing at five feet tall, Lauren Weintraub is proof that good things come in small packages. A "half-pint dynamite" to quote April Boyle of the Portland Press Herald, Lauren is a seasoned performer from Massachusetts displaying poise and grace while delivering clear, soaring vocals and an impressive range. Storytelling is what has always drawn Lauren into her writing along with her clever lyrics and crisp, expressive guitar and piano playing that lift her stories. Writing with depth well beyond her years, her razor-sharp musical instincts allow her to visualize music in a fresh way. She has a deep desire to share her songs with a broad audience and has recently released her new single, “So Predictable.” Lauren was a 2017 YoungArts winner in the Voice Singer/Songwriter category and the ICHSA committee has named her as an "Outstanding Soloist" twice. Lauren draws inspiration from artists such as Lori McKenna, Sara Bareilles, Ben Howard, Maren Morris, and Donovan Woods. She has a bright path ahead of her in the music industry and looks forward to collaborating with others. When she’s not writing or performing, you can find Lauren driving her blue mini cooper and figuring out how to jam more pairs of shoes into her dorm room.

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