Corona Virus Update & 50% Discount Offer

March 17, 2020

Hello Everyone, 

I want to be as transparent as possible during this challenging time and give you some insight on how the corona virus is affecting us and our ability to serve our loyal customers. First, we are all healthy and none of our employees have had any symptoms or been tested for the virus. 

However, we were given an order by our county authorities yesterday to "shelter in place" and cease operations until April 8th.  This is not something that we want to do, but for the health & safety of our employees and the nation, this is something that we must do.

The vast majority of our products are built-to-order and fabricated using various lasers and other complex machinery that cannot be done from home.  After careful consideration, this has forced us to shut down production during this "shelter in place" order.

That said, we are taking the following steps so that we may continue operations during this time so that the company may emerge healthy out of this pandemic.  Customer Service will continue during this "shelter in place" order and we also used the remaining time we had left yesterday to build a large volume of existing customer orders. The team stayed until midnight last night when the order took effect and built as many straps, capos, slides, truss rod covers, etc. that we could.  Those products have not yet shipped, but we will be shipping those out later this week from the "dome." 

Many of you may remember that we started the Thalia business in a 900 sf geodesic dome at our home.  We have temporarily moved operations back to the dome so that we may continue to ship customer orders over the next three weeks.  We moved over 1,500 ready-to-ship capos, slides, straps and other products late last night in a U-haul.  Now, it will take us a day or two to unpack and get shipping flowing again.  As soon as we ship out all customer orders that we were able to build prior to the shutdown, we will be reaching out to everyone else who has an outstanding order that we weren't able to ship prior to the shutdown with some options.

These options will include a 50% discount if you are willing to wait for our custom shop team to return to work, a full refund, or the option to switch to another product that is in stock and ready to ship.  If you choose to switch to a different in-stock product you will still receive the 50% discount.

We have also converted all of the products that are not currently ready to ship  to "Pre-Order" on our website.  These products will be made once we are allowed to return to work.  If you do decide to order products from us during this very challenging time at the 50% discount, please know that you are greatly helping out our company and our employees. We need orders to keep us going during this difficult time and we will be forever grateful to any of you who are able to help us out.  The coupon code that can be used to get this 50% discount is: PREORDER50

We also respectfully request that you do not ask for a 50% discount if you have recently received an order from us, prior to the shutdown.

Finally, we want to express or deepest condolences to anyone who has lost loved ones as result of this disease.  Our hearts are with you.

Chris, Thalia & Team

P.S. Stay safe, wash your hands & keep playing guitar!