Billy Moran

   Billy Moran’s explorations into the world of music began in his hometown of Fairfield, CT. At the age of eleven he picked up his brother’s guitar to play along with Adam Clayton’s bass line in U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.” The ease with which he picked out the notes and learned the song showed the youngster that he truly had a gift. He began devouring music with a passion, even locking himself in his room until he’d learned a song completely.
   Adding to that passion was the influence of Guns N’ Roses guitar great, Slash, whose musical imprint can be heard all over Moran’s playing. Entranced by Slash’s signature sound, Moran rushed out to buy “Appetite for Destruction.” Within a week’s time Moran was able to play each and every song off the album, having learned them by ear.

   In 2001, Moran loaded up his things and moved to the West Coast, settling down in Los Angeles. Before long, he landed a gig with up and coming indie rock band, Louden Swain. It was here that Moran truly came into his own, writing and arranging the music for several songs; Carpool Lane, Mrs. Vance, She Waits, Past Perfect, Fifteen, Honey Bee, This Is How and Help You. The latter was placed on the soundtrack for the feature film “A Little Help.” Their relentless love of music lead reviewers such as Music Connection to comment, “Louden Swain demonstrates why the bar for musicianship and song crafting is so high in the “indie” world.”
   It’s the future that Moran has his eyes set on now as he continues to step out onto the stage with Louden Swain to bring their music to fans across the globe.

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