Custom Shop Inlay Service Fee (Wood Inlay)

Custom Shop Inlay Service Fee (Wood Inlay)

Custom Inlaid Text in a wood capo.

Custom Inlaid Text in a wood capo.

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Custom wood inlay capo

I order a custom wood inlay capo as special gift for a friend who is achieving a major life milestone next year - the capo has arrived now (despite covids best attempts and slowing it down) and I am extremely pleased with how it has turned out - of course I had to have a quick look 😉 and the quality of the capo is superb, the custom name inlay looks awesome and of course the functionality and playability is as awesome as my Thalia capo I previously received as a gift!

I look forward to giving it to my friend and seeing his joy when he tries it out!

A Game Changer with a Definitive Touch

My customized Thalia Capo is the definitive touch. I love the way it works, so intuitive, can change position on the fly in the middle of a song, without losing a beat, definitely changes the game.
The picks add a richness to the tone without the "pick sound" no matter how fast you strum, and together, WOW. It takes the sound to another level.
I love all your innovative products!
Nick Helliwell, Regina, Saskatchewan


Pictures won’t due a Thalia capo justice. This is the best capo, you will ever use. It looks great and sounds even better.

My 1st Thalia Capo

What a wonderful device - love the way it fits my Taylor guitar. No more buzzing on strings. Easy to move and apply. Just the best.
Fabulous service with delivery to Australia within 1 week of order. Will definitely order again

Sweet Capo

This is so easy to use! I love that it can backed up in the middle of two frets rather than just behind one of them. It makes a difference in playability.

I did have a problem with the insert popping out, but that seemed temporary.

It’s gorgeous. And it came with free picks. Score!