Top Guitar Picks of 2023

January 13, 2020 4 min read

Top Guitar Picks of 2023

We make our picks out of exotic wood and have a patented pick technology that allows us to create the world's thinnest wood pick.  Why would you want a pick made of wood?  Well, it simply feels and sounds better than a plastic pick.

Our number one selling pick tin made of Santos Rosewood.  These standard shaped picks come in a collectible pick tin.  Tins come in 0.9mm, 1.4mm, or Mixed configurations.  


What guitar players are saying about our picks:

"Only the best Picks I have ever used!

Thalia and their products were recommended to me by a friend, and after playing with some of the picks he had purchased, I knew I had to buy some for myself!

The Picks themselves are beautiful, and the engravings are an excellent touch that result in a very nice and unique product. I was concerned with possibly breaking the picks because they are made of wood, but they are very sturdy and very well made.

The picks have a very nice tone and only seem to sound better the more I play with them. All in all, very nice product, and I would recommend any of the Thalia picks to anyone who enjoys playing the guitar."


In this Exotic Wood Sampler we are combining four different wood species:
  • Santos Rosewood - Janka Rating: 1960 lbf
  • Tigerwood - Janka Rating: 2170 lbf
  • Bubinga - Janka Rating: 2410 lbf
  • Purpleheart - Janka Rating: 2520 lbf
  • These standard shaped picks come in a collectible pick tin.  Tins come in 0.9mm, 1.4mm, or Mixed configurations.  

    "Exotic Wood Sampler Pick Tin

    Honestly I thought this was a gimmick. I am an amateur guitarist who plays primarily acoustic, and I have a lot of guitar playing friends and family. I thought this would be a nifty gift idea so I bought a sampler to see what they were like.

    I am sold. Totally and completely.

    I had months old medium strings on my guitar and these picks made them sound brand new. I am not lying. I could not believe the difference between these wooden picks and my normal "plastic" or vinyl ones. Heck I hadn't even heard of wooden picks before. Flat picking with these is amazingly crisp and clear and the wooden texture helps this left-hander hold on to the picks perfectly.

    So... they turned out to be a perfect gift idea - and they have become my #1 choice for personal use.

    Also, I messaged this company via facebook messenger wanting info on the durability and such - and they gave me an immediate reply, in depth and personal. All around a superb purchase experience." 


    Our Custom Shop Santos Rosewood Pick Tins come with your choice of 6, 12, 18, 50 or 100 Thalia Santos Rosewood 1.4mm picks. Each one custom laser engraved with your monogrammed initials or custom artwork.

    Upload your own custom logo or artwork to have engraved (no fee but only available for orders of 50 picks or more).

    All of our Custom Picks come in a custom pick tin with your custom engraving in Santos Rosewood on the front.


    Includes (2) two each of our Standard, Jazz, J3XL & Tri-Pick Picks made out of 100% Santos Rosewood in our collectible Thalia Pick tin. 

    Tins come in 0.9mm, 1.4mm or mixed (50/50) configurations.

    Most guitarists love to experiment with the various shapes so this is a great choice.


    Tree of Life - Crann Bethadh, the Celtic Tree of Life, is much more than a single trunk borne of roots below and stretching to the heavens with branches above; it is the symbol of all of life on the planet, born of the Earth and sustained by the power of the Universe. It is an intricate representation that links every root below to every branch above, depicting the network of natural bonds that links all Life together.

    Waterfall Bubinga, also known as Kevazingo, is an extremely popular imported African hardwood. Bubinga is loved for its strength and beauty. Its amazing grain features and strength combine to make one spectacular guitar pick!

    Bubinga Picks are harder than our Santos Rosewood picks, which means they'll last longer.  These picks are great for all playing styles, providing a lively, bright tone.

    Includes Tree of Life-symbol-engraved picks in a collectible aluminum tin with a Waterfall Bubinga inlay.

    Picks come in both 1.4mm and 0.9mm thicknesses.  We recommend the 1.4mm thickness as they are the most durable. 

    "I love my capo and picks

    My first purchase from Thalia was a capo. It was gorgeous and blew away anything else I considered. The capo fit both my electric and acoustic guitar without any problems.

    The capo came with one of Thalia's wood picks. I loved the rich warm sound it produced and the overall feel compared to my plastic picks. I was so impressed that I ordered the Bubinga Tree of Life Pick Tin for myself, and a set of rosewood picks for both of my sons."


    We have a 90-day money back guarantee and we are a brand that stands behind everything that we do.  So buy with confidence now and know that we are committed to your satisfaction.

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